Chances are, most of us know someone who has a story to tell about adoption—maybe you have your own story! In either case, adoption has the power to positively impact lives all around us, all the time. We want to share this message with families across the nation so that we can help bring 115,000 children out of foster care and into loving, caring homes. We can all make a difference in this effort and you can make your own impact today by making a donation to Drive Adoption.


Individual Donation

There is no donation too large or too small when it comes to supporting adoption awareness. A portion of the funding from your donation to Drive Adoption will go directly to approved adoption agencies and the entirety of your contribution will help us work toward our goal of achieving the following:

Help bring 115,000 children out of foster care.

Raise awareness of domestic and international adoption.

Provide options for people who may not be able to adopt.

Please click the following link to make your secure, tax-deductible donation to Drive Adoption. We thank you for your support!



Corporate Sponsorship

When it comes to the benefits of being a Drive Adoption sponsor, we believe that the greatest reward is knowing that your company is supporting the community and families in need by raising awareness of adoption. However, the benefits from a business standpoint are also incredibly rewarding. Drive Adoption offers corporate sponsorships at the following levels:




These sponsorship levels come with an array of valuable marketing assets that will be implemented during the 2016 Duck Commander 500. We encourage you to click the “Learn More” link below to download our comprehensive packet of sponsorship levels and benefits. Please click the “Become a Sponsor” link below when you are ready to sign up as a corporate sponsor for Drive Adoption. We thank you for your support!